Anonymous said:
❝ Could you please post the code for your theme??? I've looked on the link where it says "theme", and I can't seem to find it. ;-; If you could do that, I'd greatly appreciate it! I love FFVII is my favorite game, and to have a theme based on that game (with the noises too!!) would be so neat ❞

Hrm. You’re right. But I THINK the link for theme leads to the creator, though! Maybe try sending them an ask about their “Final Fantasy” theme? I’m not really familiar with codes, or theme-making, so I can’t help much, just hopefully point you in the right direction!


You know, maybe it was better when they were apart. Because now, what they constantly do is to break off from the rest of the group to talk shit about everyone else.

Well, not everyone. Not Rosa or Ceodore, obviously. And they don’t really talk shit. They’re just extremely judgmental of other people’s clothing.

also, while intimacy’s nice and all, that baronian spikes-on-everything fashion they’re so proud of means they eventually stab each other.

FULL SIZE HERE. the thing is monstrous and tumblr just gobbled it up.