sometimes nsfw. submissions are more than welcome, as are requests. I do not claim ownership of any of this art. I source every picture. It isn't always visible on the theme, but the source info is in the caption, and in the top right corner, and usually in a click-through, too. Absolutely DO NOT remove any source info that I have included! That goes not just for this blog, but every blog out there. If you repost, you must INCLUDE the source info. It is incredibly disrespectful to the original artist to remove their info in reblogs or reposts. Please follow these easy and simple guidelines so that artists get the credit they deserve for their hard work, and therefore feel comfortable to continue sharing it with us. Thank you!

Follow fuckyeahff for sweet official art. ;D

As for how I am checking who followed before February 3rd, I simply noted who my latest follower today was, and anyone who follows after them won’t get the “credit”. BUT YOU NEED TO MESSAGE ME, AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU WERE FOLLOWING BEFORE FEBUARY 3RD!!!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I’m sorry, but I can’t possibly check every single url! Only people who message me! But yes, I’m still gonna check. So if you weren’t following before then, don’t try to trick me, or you will be disqualified, and that’s sad. :c But you only need to do this once. I’ll add your name to a list, of “special contestants” which I will check at the very end, when I number each reblog to prepare for the random number generator, okay? If this sounds confusing, feel free to ask questions for clarification, and I’ll go through how I’m going to do this entire process with you. 
Why am I even doing this, you ask? Maybe it seems unfair? Well, as I said, I’m really grateful to know there are people who love these games like I do. I’m not grateful for people who are following just for free stuff. ;) Not that I’m saying every new follower is!! Maybe some people just didn’t find the blog before then! But a lot of people will just follow for that reason, which makes me sad. :’( So in order to encourage people NOT to follow me just so they can win, I decided to include this little bonus.  

To be as fair and unbiased as possible, each entry (including bonus entries) will be numbered by order of reblog, and I will use this random number generator to pick the winner. 

Some other things people might be curious about:

-I have no idea what the necklace is made of, to be honest. If you have some kind of allergy (I bring this up because I know a lot of people get rashes from things that aren’t pure silver or gold), I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend this giveaway. :c

-I will do my best to wrap it very well, and keep the package safe, but if something happens to it, I can’t be held responsible… but I REALLY doubt anything would! It’s a very sturdy piece of jewelry, and I will be careful with the postcards. And besides, all costs are on me, so no reason to worry yourself with that!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on here or my personal!

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