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…can I just say something personal and potentially lose a lot of followers…

anyone who seriously fights over Clerith vs. Cloti needs to unfollow this tumblr now, because I hate you

Anonymous asked: do you think square planned clerith to be "true" based on this commercial?

Hah, wow! Thanks for that nostalgia. They don’t make game commercials like that anymore, do they? :P

Anyway, I think it’s a bit pointless and silly to debate the Clerith vs. Cloti thing, and use things like this to justify which ship is “true” and which isn’t. The canon depends almost entirely on the choices of the game player. That’s the beauty of the game. Square left that decision up to each individual person because they wanted it to be open— not to be a concrete “THIS IS THE OTP OF FFVII” ship. So I don’t understand why people keep arguing about this??

That said, very interesting question and find! I’m surprised I don’t see this commercial cited more often! :P I’m sure the debate will rage on, and while I do have a personal opinion on it, I’ll leave forcing my opinion on others up to the abundant militant Cloti or Clerith shippers out there. ;)